LINKלינק Yearly Subscription

LINKלינק Yearly Subscription

$30.00 — Sold out

Get your yearly subscription to LINKלינק – a Bundist zine by Bundist Youth/Tsukunft. A subscription ensures that you never miss out on an edition again! A yearly subscription entitles you to six editions of the number 1 Bundist zine in the world!

LINKלינק is a medium for expression for post-SKIF Bundistn and fellow travellers under 30, allowing the yugnt to have their own voice in our community. LINKלינק is a zine with a focus on yiddishkayt, social justice and doikayt. We welcome people of all ages and cultural backgrounds to LINKלינק!

Unfortunately, there has been a price rise from our printer and as we are a non-profit, we have had to adjust our prices accordingly.

Please note that shipping price is inclusive of all six editions.

LINKלינק Zine Edition 9
$5.00 — Sold out
LINKלינק Zine - Past Editions
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