Bund Membership 2023-2024

Bund Membership 2023-2024

$15.00 - $50.00 — Coming soon

SHTEYT OYF! / שטייט אויף / STAND UP

This year, the Bund turns 126 years old. Throughout our history our mission remains the same: to make a shenerer un beserer velt far ale (a more beautiful and better world for everyone). By every measure, we continue to STAND UP and be true to our beliefs and our mission, with Yiddishkayt, Doikayt, Sotzyalism at the core of the many activities we staged this past year.

In the past 12 months we have hosted some memorable, entertaining and thought-provoking events including:
- the Bono Wiener Lecture, presented by journalist and author Louisa Lim
- May Day Music Gig featuring Chana Mrocki Mentorship recipient Jo Goldman
- A Shmues Tsvishn Khavertes: poet and activist Irena Klepfisz in conversation with Hinde Ena Bustin
- our annual Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Commemoration commemorating 80 years in 2023, as well as a discussion evening about memory and commemoration in Poland hosted by Dvora and Michael Zylberman
- we co-hosted the In One Voice Jewish Culture Street Festival
- Together with SKIF, we hosted a Tikkun Leil Shavues, bringing together our community for a night of learning and discussion
- Troyer: Night of the Murdered Yiddish Poets Commemoration, where we heard readings of works by the poets
- We started our "Me Redt Nisht Vegn Dem" Series of discussions about our ideologies and what makes the Bund, the Bund
- We hosted musician Daniel Kahn for a series of 3 Yiddish Workers' Song Workshops

We have continued to grow our Melbourne Bund Online Archive, which is an ongoing project led by Henry Nusbaum. To date, there are thousands of incredible archival materials relating to the Melbourne Bund, SKIF and Tsukunft organisations which are available at the tap of a keyboard: photos, publications, videos, posters and more across the past few decades! Register for access and upload your own documents to the archive via www.jewishlabourbundarchive.net

We are working to promote the "YES" Campaign for the upcoming referendum on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament - we will be holding a 'table talk' in a few weeks time together with Kol Halev: Jewish Voice for Yes.

Our ongoing regular activities haven't ceased. Bundist radio broadcasts weekly. The Mir Kumen On choir meets weekly. SKIF Sundays meet weekly. And this year three in-person camps were staged, giving hundreds of kids the chance to experience a SKIF life and be educated, inspired and entertained by those who enjoyed that experience in the years before.

Bund membership is growing, SKIF attendances are growing and the audience at our events is growing. There is a hunger for our ideas and our activities, and it is essential that we keep providing these, both to satisfy the demand for thoughtful, progressive, Jewish activity and to build the next generation of Bundistn dedicated to making Jewish life richer and the world better.

Join for the membership year 2022-2023 and you get:
- discounted merch and tickets to events
- a Bund membership card (on 100% recycled card)
- a Bund sticker
- voting rights at AGM and EGMs*
- an overwhelming sense of Chavershaft

Membership packs will be shipped at the conclusion of the Membership Drive.

*Please note that International members do not have AGM and EGM voting rights.
Please note that all new members are subject to committee approval.