LINKלינק - Edition 3

LINKלינק - Edition 3

$3.00 - $18.00

Zayt bagrist and welcome back!

LINKלינק edition 3 is here – a Bundist publication by Bundist Youth/Tsukunft. Thank you for the support so far!

LINKלינק is a medium for expression for post-SKIF Bundistn and fellow travellers under 30, allowing the yugnt to have their own voice in our community. LINKלינק is a zine with a focus on yiddishkayt, social justice and doikayt. We welcome people of all ages and cultural backgrounds to LINKלינק!

This edition we discuss 'What makes me Jewish?', Anti-semitism in the anti-lockdown movement - featuring an interview with John Safran, a look back at the year 2021 and 'Losing My Lingua Franca' plus more! Edition 3 takes a look at some of the difficult facets of being a Jew in our contemporary society.

This edition we have added a "Yearly Subscription" offer so you don't need to remember to re-order every edition, plus save on shipping expenses over time.

International shipping is subsidised with thanks to the generosity of a group of Melbourne Bund chaveyrim. A sheynem dank!

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LINKלינק Zine - Edition 2
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