LINKלינק Zine - Edition 2

LINKלינק Zine - Edition 2


Zayt bagrist and welcome back!

LINKלינק edition 2 is here – a Bundist publication by Bundist Youth/Tsukunft. Thank you to everyone who supported our very first edition - we sold out of our print run!

LINKלינק is a medium for expression for post-SKIF Bundistn and fellow travellers under 30, allowing the yugnt to have their own voice in our community. LINKלינק is a zine with a focus on yiddishkayt, social justice and doikayt. We welcome people of all ages and cultural backgrounds to LINKלינק!

This edition we discuss the 'Greenwashing the Blue Box', Intervention vs Sovereignty, book and movie reviews, the Last Jew in Afghanistan, the 'one boat' we are all supposedly in during the pandemic and more!

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LINKלינק - Edition 3
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